A day in a park

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Its that time of the day again!! To get going to the park. That’s like the favorite activity for my daughter. Public parks are such an amazing recreational facilities provided to us that we should always make an effort to utilize them for the growth and development of our kids and also a tool to be used for our fitness (such as for running, jogging, yoga or even playing outdoor games like badminton, basketball etc.).

Well, I see my daughter growing in that park day by day. It amazes me to see how at first she was so reluctant to try even the easiest of kids slides. And now, she easily roams around the park crossing the difficult hurdles, climbing the ropes, going zig-zag on the big slides, crawling through the mini tunnels.

I think it’s really important to give the kids such an environment to grow, not only for their physical development and well-being, but to give them a sense of fulfillment. It can be in terms of completing a hurdle or learning to grow out of their fears by watching other kids trying something that they are reluctant to do.

These days when kids are spending more and more time in front of screens, their tiny hands going over the keys at a lightening speed, we need to make sure that we give them an environment where they can spend hours without thinking about hurting their eyes or brains going dull. I think parks are an amazing place for them to make new friends and explore themselves.

Environmental cleanliness is another thing that I teach my daughter when she is in the park. She knows that it’s really important to keep it clean in order to have a pleasant experience the next time she is in the park. Please check my YouTube video on a day to the park. The video itself will speak on the importance of taking kids to the park and seeing them in a beautiful world altogether !!

Do you take your kids to any nearby park(s) too? Do share your thoughts.

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