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It all started as a joke between me and my sister, the 30 days fitness challenge (actually, #30dayfitnesschallenge as I love to call it), but it has become an important part of our daily routine now. We had put on some weight in the last few months, so this is how it all began. It has been few days, but I have already started feeling the difference it has made to my body and mind.

The benefits of working out are known to everyone, so I won’t go over them, but here’s my bit for all the people who give up continuing the routine, especially the stay-at-home-mommies. Since I was in the same phase, I couldn’t even think of going to the gym. So, doing workout at home was the only option.

I researched a lot before starting my journey, watched a lot of videos on the internet and finally bookmarked what would work for me.

The most important step was maintaining a journal. Noting down what exercises I did each day and for how long or for how many repetitions of each. This simple buy (small notepad) from dollar store has proven to be a life changer for me!! With each passing day, I am getting better and better. My stamina has improved and I try to push my limits every time. There were few no workout days as well, but the journal inspires me to start again. Keep the journal at an approachable place, I usually keep it by my bedside so that I check it every night and every morning. Just browsing through the pages gives me a push to start the day’s fitness hour. I am sharing a snippet of my journal in the picture.

We women tend to ignore our health as we become mothers. But I think that’s the best gift we can give ourselves and our families if we can maintain our health.

The move from Pune to California was very big for us. Being a Punjabi, our life literally revolves around food. The conversations start from food and end on food too. So, the move made sure that we gobbled up everything on our favorite list in India, since we were gonna miss that in California. And after coming to California, we were overwhelmed by the variety of food that this state has to offer. So, of course few more extra pounds got welcomed on our bodies. But I’ve realized that maintaining good health shouldn’t be a priority, it should be a part of life, part of daily routine.

Journaling has become a lifestyle for me now, as being fit is. I will be sharing my workout videos/posts in the coming weeks. So, get up, get going and push your limits. And write it down too. Give yourself the journal inspiration. Till then.

Adios amigos.

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