New Year Resolution 2019

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It’s the time of the year once again when everyone is posting about their new year resolutions. And it made me think hard about what mine should be. Well, I was ready with a long list, but then I realized there are lists that are made every year, which are also forgotten by the end of the year. Then again a new list is made, and the cycle continues. So what’s the whole point of new year resolutions?

If I think deeply, the list is almost always the same for many people every year (for example, losing weight, regular exercise, yoga, pursuing a hobby, eating healthy etc etc etc). But if we notice carefully, there is only one missing link here. That missing link is ROUTINE. We all set goals, but don’t stick to those goals.

The funny thing is that we give up on them one by one, and we don’t even realize when that happened. So, that explains the importance of the fact that sticking to a routine is what matters.

And that’s how my New Year’s resolution got its form this year. Sticking to my routine, not giving up on my goals. Be it fitness, be it skincare, be it blogging or be it healthy eating. Yes, there can be few misses here and there, but what matters the most is coming back fast. Happy New Year to all the beautiful people. Till then.

Adios Amigos

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