The day the earth stood still – A tiny tale

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“I love you”, he said. She blushed. He smiled. Love was in the air. Sparks were flying. When suddenly, Kabir feels a pat on his face. “Stop daydreaming, you moron!! Go and say it to her before she leaves.”, said his friend Roy.

She was standing outside the cafe. Kabir rushed towards her, but something stopped him. A very handsome man came towards Ayesha and hugged her tightly. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and hugged her tightly again. Kabir knew it was over.

Time flew by. Two years later, Kabir went to attend a wedding function with his wife. Suddenly his gaze got fixed on someone.

Yes. It was Ayesha. She was still the same. Beautiful and full of life. Their eyes met. She came towards him. But, the same old handsome man appeared again and hugged Ayesha. “This is Kabir, my classmate. And Kabir, that’s my elder brother. Good to see you. Bye!”, says Ayesha. Kabir was speechless!!

He stood there feeling like a fool when Ayesha and her brother turned around to go. But then, Kabir unknowingly overheard their conversation.

Brother: Ayesha, isn’t he the guy you always had crush on? You could never gather the courage to tell him in college. Why didn’t you tell him today?

Ayesha: Forget it brother. I got to know from a friend that he’s married now.

That day, at that very moment, the earth stood still for Kabir!!

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