Let’s break the mold – Redefining gender roles

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There are labels, that a society puts on us according to the gender. She’s a girl. She should know how to cook. He’s a boy. He has to find a good job to provide for his family.

Then there is another set of people who don’t believe in gender discrimination. “We’ve raised our daughter like a son. She can’t cook. So if we get her married, she will not cook. We have raised her to be a strong independent woman, capable of taking care of herself and her finances as well. So why should she be confined to the kitchen.” On the other hand, at the boys side, “we believe in gender equality. So, we want to marry our son to a professionally sound girl. But, she should not forget that she has to balance the professional and household responsibilities.”

In all the situations, we forget that the real issue is not who will cook or who will look after the house or who will earn for the family. The real question is why not anyone and everyone!!

Just the way we teach the kids all the basic subjects in school, like science, mathematics, languages etc, making them ready to take over the world, in the same way, the basic skill of Home Management also needs to be taught. And it has to be introduced at some level in our educational system. Once a child moves out, away from home, to pursue higher studies or to pursue a career, he/she should be capable enough to take care of himself/herself. Starting from how to keep his/her room or home tidy and organized, to cooking up a basic meal. These are the things that each n every person, whether boy or girl, should definitely know in life.

Gone are the days when a boy and girl had defined tasks or responsibilities, and also, gone are the days, when, on the name of gender equality, we raised daughters who were toppers in their schools and colleges, but struggled to always keep on striking a balance in life once they got married or had children. Their physical and mental health were affected due to the super women they were transformed into. We all know that the more frustrated the lady of the house becomes, the more issues are seen among the members of the entire family.

It is high time that we understand that we need a stronger base to be formed in our educational institutions (schools & colleges), teaching us the most important subject “Home management”, so that the future sons don’t get married to look for a maid or housekeeper and the future daughters don’t look for someone who just earns for the family. After all, there’s much more fun in cooking together as a family and also, earning together to build a home sweet home. It’s time to break the mold and give it an entire new definition!! Until then.

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