Reflection: Down the memory lane

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As she sat quietly, taking out each crayon, admiring the color and beautifully using it on her little canvas, creating her mini masterpiece, she forgot that she didn’t talk to me for almost an hour. Sitting beside the window, having soaked up the much needed Vitamin D of the day, my daughter made me fall in love with her again.



I traveled back to the time when I was a little kid just like her, crazy about the subjects I loved the most, mathematics, science and drawing. Cursive writing was another thing that always fascinated me. I would forget about everything, hours altogether, just lost in my own beautiful world. Yes, some of us do enjoy being nerds I guess!!

There was a fire inside, to continue to be in the class toppers, year after year, giving my best in each n every exam. I saw the same fire inside her today. In a different form, in a different shape, but, the one which can take us places in life. It was the most beautiful moment for me as a mother.

It is really strange that the same fire, or rather the desire, keeps blurring within us with time. The desire which makes us run for the best, for the future which we want to have an amazing shape. As we grow old, we keep on killing it, yes, we are responsible for killing that day by day. It takes just a moment of realization to ignite it, and, we can actually move mountains again!!

Some moments are really precious in life, and this, this particular moment, is the one I’ll always remember. I found her, just like me, lost in her own world , with her canvas and her colors, creating another of her beautiful masterpieces. Some reflections are truly nostalgic.

Adios amigos

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