And she was born – Again!!

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Red, the color, oh so beautiful. The color of love, but sometimes the color of danger too. And here she was, immersed in the same color, her beautiful red dress matching with the color spilled on the dress. Yes, it was the color of blood. Her car had just met with an accident.

She could not move her body, but her mind was fluctuating. Her gaze was fixed, but her whole life flashed through her mind. She wanted another chance, another chance from God, to fix certain things. She took a trip down the memory lane, recalling so many moments, some happy, some sad. Her mind went to deep sleep, for time undefined..

Few days later, she recovered from coma. She opened her eyes, her family in front. She smiled, thanked God. Her life changed forever, for good. Little things never mattered to her anymore. She knew what she wanted to do. Her life got a meaning.

She was born again..

Sometimes we learn to live again after dying a little!!

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