Valentine’s Day – The Reality

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Happy Valentine’s Day to each n every person reading this blog. Let me ask you first, do you believe in Valentine’s Day? Or any other special day, so to say?

For me and my husband, all the days of our life are beautiful, except these so-called-special days. I am being very frank here, we both dread such days. It’s not like we don’t love or support or understand each other. But somehow, the special days always come with their set of misunderstandings and drama.

By misunderstandings and drama, I mean a splurge of thoughts (especially in my mind), where I would want to feel special (on this particular freakin day) and he would have no idea about what is going on inside my mind (Trust me I am also as clueless as he is). LOL!

So, the day starts with me thinking “No, I am okay. I don’t need to feel special n all. I am an independent girl. I can always buy what I want. I keep on getting gifts. We go out to eat so many times. So, I don’t need to feel special today. This is for kids ya.”

Few hours pass, and so do the feelings. The feelings take turns, from one road to the other. Where I just felt independent, suddenly I feel the urge to tell him, “Where are the freakin flowers, you couldn’t even think about a small gift, duh”. But, I don’t express it. This is love, you know. But he senses the anxiety. He says, “Are you alright?”. Like a good wife, I am like, “Of course, what can happen.”

And he is not satisfied. He again asks, “Are you okay?”. Well, the reality strikes then. Hundreds of nonsensical and unrelated arguments and tears later, there comes sorry and I am like, “You know I also don’t believe in all this, but don’t know what happened today”. And we both hug each other and talk about the beautiful time spent together, and that’s when the real valentine starts. I go shopping, he’s back to work. And the day ends with a beautiful dinner together, with me surprising myself with self bought surprises (with his card of course) and he still confused about what happened, but being a man, he’s happy that the day ended. LOL!!

But after all this, trust me, the happiest days of our life are countless, which don’t fall in the category of special days, but are still the most priceless.

How many of you can relate? I would love to know your experience of Valentine’s Day or any special day, LOL. Do share in comments. Till then.

Adios Amigos

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