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I haven’t posted anything for a while, though I have hundreds of thoughts crossing my mind all the time (Trust me even the last two published posts were dangling in my drafts for quite sometime). The Coronavirus Lockdown effect? Partly yes, and partly no.

Yes. Because of a very simple reason that I am spending more time with my daughter, as the schools have closed, and the energy that kids have, is limitless. And No, because this is still an excuse, and I can find the time at night or sneak out time when she’s busy playing with my hubby.

Well, there’s another reason for the slowdown. And that is the random thoughts that spur up often because of the the whole Coronavirus scare. I do believe that we are grateful for being safe at home, but the anxiety about the future is what the mind has been fighting with lately.

I don’t want to touch upon any topic, like struggles with a child or children at home in the current situation, or getting/sanitizing the groceries etc, as anything is small compared to what some people are doing, like our healthcare workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, fire fighters, police officials and many, many other essential workers who can not stay at home currently. A big, big shout-out to them.

It’s definitely a phase, and like always, I believe that “This too shall pass”. The creative juices have been a little low, but I think slowly we are getting used to this Stay-At-Home (aka Safe-At-Home) concept, and I will be back with more content.

May be, this was the need of the hour. Maybe this was what the earth needed from a long time. Maybe it’s God’s way of teaching us something important. The earth needed to heal, and it’s doing that now. We need to realize that we don’t need a virus like this to see the cleaner and greener earth.

For now, I just want to tell you all, “Hang in there, this too shall pass!”.

– Adios Amigos

PS: Picture Courtesy – pexels.com

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