Hey Mom – This too shall pass!

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With the current Coronavirus Lockdown, most of the homes have shaken to the core. The current situation has greatly affected everyone, especially the mothers, be it working or stay-at-home mothers.

The toughest phase I see going on right now is with the working moms. Taking care of the job, along with the demands of different family members, kids, it’s a big gamble going on right now in each n every home.

Among all the Facebook mom groups that I am a part of, I see that moms are venting out more as they don’t have control over the current situation. While there are some lucky ones, whose better halves are co-operating to the fullest, there are many others who are handling everything in their house along with the job and kids single-handed.

But the real deal is, be it a mom of one kid, two kids or four, or even a single-mom sometimes, I see that the mothers vent out, but never give up. The support that each of them is giving to one another is tremendous. By support, I mean the advice to not give up, and start another day with a smile. Doesn’t matter if you are a housewife, or working in a small company or even a fortune 500 company, this shit is real.

Some women are always standing in kitchen serving to the needs of their family members, while some have planned their days meticulously starting early morning, with office work and full day plans hanging on the wall for their kiddos, and some of the women are still struggling with the broken schedules, for themselves and their kids too. Some are struggling hard to keep their jobs, while some have already lost their jobs, the job market is undeniably shaken.

We are all in a situation where we are trying to remain positive. Positive, of the world coming back to life which has turned upside down overnight. While we are hoping for the world to be back to normal, I feel that all of us should take a deep breath, and analyze what we can learn from this situation.

We were endlessly running in a race, which needed a slowdown. And here it is. Give it a thought, sip that coffee, admire the beautiful sky, you never know when the race starts again. Till then, take out as much as you can from this time.

The moms are never off-duty. Their spirits are meant to have energies that never goes off. I have felt it myself and I’m sure all of you moms must have too. Just be kind to yourself, keep taking breaks, vent it out if you need, and there you are, with the undefeatable energy once again. Take a deep breath and remember, “This too shall pass!”.

Adios Amigos

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  1. It really is a challenge. We are WFH. Mom’s apologize for kids making noise and joining the video call. I always tell them no problem. And if a child pops into the video chat I say hi to them. 😀😀

    1. That’s really kind of you! It’s high time that we understand kids are a part of mom’s life, be it stay at home or working. Thank you so much for reading Bernice 😊

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