Mother’s Day 2020 – A big learning

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Mother’s Day 2020 – A big learning

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift you always needed, self-healing. With the pandemic stress adding to the day-to-day life, keeping yourself sane with all the negative thoughts juggling in the mind, we just need one thing, “To let go”, of the unwanted fears, self-hatred, and unneeded stress. Read on!

There is something about us women that I’ve understood recently and practically using now, and that I’m sure, if every female on this earth understands (well many of us always know that, but never implement), there will be less of tears, struggles and tensions.

What on the earth is that thing, you may wonder? Well, it’s none other than “Taking everything seriously”.

You might think how is that possible. You have to take things seriously in life in order to survive, life is not a joke for sure. Well, I agree. But, I also strongly agree with the fact that women are not able to let go of something spoken to by someone (especially who she knows personally, be it family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or sometimes, the famous nosy relatives). This particularly gets a big shape when you get married, and then it worsens when you become a mom.

When you get married, it is the complete turn of your carefree world into taking care of everything in the new house. All the elders you can possible think of, are giving you suggestions and tips on how to make a house, well, a home. While some of the suggestions are really wonderful, some are just harsh words to make you feel disrespected. Yes, blunt but true. The thing that worsens for a woman is that there are no suggestions given to your better half.

And that’s where the whole self is lost. Disappointments, disagreements, arguments, and everything negative follows. The people responsible for the taunts and harsh statements are just present in one conversation, and they never meet you again. But their words always ring a bell in your head. So, my dear girls, one argument, turns up into a series, which then takes different rounds across the old times, and the real argument gets lost somewhere.

The next tough stage for a woman is when she becomes a mother. While I totally agree with many age old practices for taking care of the baby, and have seen that the babies have an excellent growth if there are elders who can guide a mother. But, what we all forget is that the woman has just transformed herself into a new role. The only thing she too needs right now is love and care. How can a broken mom raise a happy child? When it’s time for her to celebrate this beautiful phase of motherhood, she is again loaded with suggestions to be a perfect mom. While her body is still recovering, along with her soul, she too needs to relax.

So, I am writing this too all the wives and mothers out there to take it easy. To not be hard on herself. I have done it too. And now I realize that there could have been millions of things that I could just ignore or not do, that would have helped me keep my sanity as a mother.

You don’t need to rush to everyone’s whims and wishes. While we women feel that the entire world’s responsibility is on our shoulders, we also need to understand that it holds true for ourselves too. Our physical health and our mental health should be one of the main priorities for us.

Some people may compare you to some better performing women, but trust me, everyone is dealing with a different shit, and everyone is working under different circumstances. So, once someone compares you to somebody, take a deep breath, no need to start an argument, the important thing here is to not take the comparison personally. Once you take it personally, the fight starts within you, and you try to become who you were never meant to be.

The need of the hour is happy moms, and not the broken ones. Been there, done that. The only learning I got is this!

“Don’t take anything Personally Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering”

Don Miguel Ruiz

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 As A Happy Mom!

To all moms out there, this Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift that you need the most, “Freedom from your own thoughts that pull you down!”. Liberating yourself from the monsters sitting inside the head is as important as raising a happy child, in fact, it is the only thing that a happy child needs, a happy mom.

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