Valentine's Day – The Reality

Happy Valentine's Day to each n every person reading this blog. Let me ask you first, do you believe in Valentine's Day? Or any other special day, so to say? For me and my husband, all the days of our life are beautiful, except these so-called-special days. I am being very frank here, we both... Continue Reading →

Cranberry Walnut Whole Wheat Cookies

The one thing that I have been constantly baking at home are cookies. They are my daughter's absolute favorite and are baked almost twice a week, especially the chocolate chip cookies. Today I am sharing the recipe of Cranberry Walnut Cookies, which are made in a healthy way using whole wheat flour and unrefined cane... Continue Reading →

Classic Vegetable Lasagna

Welcome to the first recipe post of the year 2020. Presenting one of my favorite dish, which is so so close to my heart, Classic Vegetable Lasagna. This dish is a super hit at my home. When it comes to baking Lasagnas, I think it is really important to balance the quantity of sauce and... Continue Reading →

Make each day count!!

Have you ever noticed that a child never waits for the weekend? For a child, every day is a new day, full of curiosities, experiments, happiness, and doing things that (s)he loves. So, keeping this in mind, let's welcome another year, 2020, with the kindness, naughtiness and energy of a child. Sometimes I feel it... Continue Reading →

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