Happily ever after – A short story

“Get out of my house”, he shouted, after hitting her hard on the face. She was crying inconsolably, her face wet with tears and fearful sweating, with his signature shining on her face in the form of his fingers’ impression. Her son was standing there too, quiet. Patriarchy had ruled that house for years, and … Continue reading Happily ever after – A short story

Cleared the air – A teeny tiny tale

She was happy. Her family members loved her. Though she never went to school, she had an amazing talent. She was an awesome chef and love and happiness reflected in her dishes, the only thing she knew how to do. Until one day, when she fell ill. Her body temperature rose high, like a kite … Continue reading Cleared the air – A teeny tiny tale

And she was born – Again!!

Red, the color, oh so beautiful. The color of love, but sometimes the color of danger too. And here she was, immersed in the same color, her beautiful red dress matching with the color spilled on the dress. Yes, it was the color of blood. Her car had just met with an accident. She could … Continue reading And she was born – Again!!

The ugly duckling – A short story

She was beautiful. At least that’s what her parents always told her. She did not have sharp features or great skin or lovely tresses that most of the girls she knew had. But she had an amazing smile, the one that made her look the prettiest despite all the flaws. But she hardly ever wore … Continue reading The ugly duckling – A short story

The day the earth stood still – A tiny tale

“I love you”, he said. She blushed. He smiled. Love was in the air. Sparks were flying. When suddenly, Kabir feels a pat on his face. “Stop daydreaming, you moron!! Go and say it to her before she leaves.”, said his friend Roy. She was standing outside the cafe. Kabir rushed towards her, but something … Continue reading The day the earth stood still – A tiny tale

The bathtub -A tiny tale

The location was beautiful. It reminded her of the time they spent on their honeymoon.  They checked into the room and couldn’t believe their eyes. It was the most breathtaking sight from the window. The room was carpeted and it felt like walking on soft pashmina barefooted. She checked the bathroom. The flowers left a … Continue reading The bathtub -A tiny tale