Carrot Broccoli Rava Uttapam (Savory Semolina Pancakes)

Carrot Broccoli Rava Uttapam (Savory Semolina Pancakes)! Rava Uttapam (Savory Semolina Pancakes), a very famous Indian Breakfast dish, is made healthier here with the addition of grated carrots and broccoli. This delicious dish is packed with nutrients, and is loved by kids and adults alike!

Mashed Potatoes Quesadillas Recipe – Indian Style

Mashed Potatoes Quesadillas Recipe - Indian Style!! A layer of Mashed Potatoes, swirled with Tomato Cilantro (Coriander) Chutney, layered between two Tortilla pieces, along with cheese blend, is all that makes these Quesadillas. The Tomato & Cilantro Chutney imparts the Indian-ish style to these Quesadillas. Easy to prepare, these are a great option for quick breakfast/snack, and even go well for lunch/dinner with a side of soup/salad sometimes!

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