Kids At Home? 10 entertaining ideas for kids aged 3-5 years!

Kids At Home? 10 entertaining ideas for kids aged 3-5 years! With the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic going on, and kids being at home 24*7 these days, they need to be kept engaged every now and then. Sharing some ideas for the kids aged 3-5 years, and some of these might be useful for kids of other ages too. Read on!

Hey Mom – This too shall pass!

The moms are never off-duty. Their spirits are meant to have energies that never goes off. I have felt it myself and I’m sure all of you moms must have too. Just be kind to yourself, keep taking breaks, vent it out if you need, and there you are, with the undefeatable energy once again. Take a deep breath and remember, “This too shall pass!”.

Where Am I?

The Coronavirus Effect! May be, this was the need of the hour. Maybe this was what the earth needed from a long time. Maybe it's God's way of teaching us something important. The earth needed to heal, and it's doing that now. We need to realize that we don't need a virus like this to see the cleaner and greener earth.

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