From a working mom to stay at home mom blogger – Honest confessions & tips

From a working mom to stay at home mom (SAHM) blogger, I have walked on both paths, and I feel being a mom in itself is a big task, and anyone who is doing it, either way, deserves an applause. Sharing my real confessions and some tips, since I know the depression that a stay at home mom feels is real, and even if I am able to boost the confidence of any one mom, this article reaped its fruit!!

Father – The unsung hero

  Fathers, unlike mothers, are the unsung heroes to their children. They stand through the thick and thin, without anyone knowing that they are doing a lot in the background. A father and a daughter especially share a beautiful relationship. A relationship beyond words. A relationship beyond time. He treats her like a princess, yet... Continue Reading →

The puzzle

There are so many milestones that we, as parents, keep on waiting for, for our kids. The first word, the first walk, the first tooth etc. But this was one of those that I was not waiting for, rather it just happened, and made me realize, “Oh, another of her milestones!!” Myra loves to play... Continue Reading →

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