Father – The unsung hero

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Fathers, unlike mothers, are the unsung heroes to their children. They stand through the thick and thin, without anyone knowing that they are doing a lot in the background. A father and a daughter especially share a beautiful relationship.

A relationship beyond words. A relationship beyond time. He treats her like a princess, yet makes her a warrior too. He helps her build a castle, yet makes her capable of building one herself too. He protects her from bad men, yet gives her the freedom to choose too. He reads her fairy-tales, yet wants her to be the knight in shining armor herself. He wants her to fall in love, but also wants her to get back to life if she gets heartbroken.

He is her first hero, her first love. The father is the person she looks up to on how a lady should be treated. If her nurtures his wife with love, love is what is seen throughout the family. His relationship with his wife, if beautiful, paves the way for the daughter to have positive outlook on relationships.

No matter what happens in life, the daughter will always have a special place in her father’s heart ♥️

A bond, oh so special, oh so beautiful!! A bond of lifetime. The light shining between them, is the light that keeps me alive.

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  1. This is just awesome. I loved this article. So true and well written. I can recall my memories with each sentence while reading it.

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