Valentine's Day – The Reality

Happy Valentine's Day to each n every person reading this blog. Let me ask you first, do you believe in Valentine's Day? Or any other special day, so to say? For me and my husband, all the days of our life are beautiful, except these so-called-special days. I am being very frank here, we both... Continue Reading →

Make each day count!!

Have you ever noticed that a child never waits for the weekend? For a child, every day is a new day, full of curiosities, experiments, happiness, and doing things that (s)he loves. So, keeping this in mind, let's welcome another year, 2020, with the kindness, naughtiness and energy of a child. Sometimes I feel it... Continue Reading →

Reflections '19

So here I am, sharing the last post of the year with all my readers. I haven't shared anything in a while, but I guess that's the whole point when writing a blog. Don't push yourself to post anything, but rather wait for the right moment, the right words and the right feelings that you... Continue Reading →

Stop living in your Head!!

Has it ever occurred to you that more than half of the thoughts that you are processing in your mind are fiction, just pure plain fiction? Sounds strange, but it's true. Our mind is capable of creating stories and melodramas which have never occurred in real life. There are numerous hours in a day, wherein,... Continue Reading →

Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride

"Neighbor's envy, owner's pride"!! Did it ring any bell? Yes, this was the tagline used for Onida TV advertisement in 1980s in India. This was quite a catchy slogan at that time, and surely, it worked for Onida. Well, I am not going to talk about the Onida televisions here, but, the phrase has a... Continue Reading →

Happily ever after – A short story

“Get out of my house”, he shouted, after hitting her hard on the face. She was crying inconsolably, her face wet with tears and fearful sweating, with his signature shining on her face in the form of his fingers’ impression. Her son was standing there too, quiet. Patriarchy had ruled that house for years, and... Continue Reading →

Do you procrastinate? I do!!

As per dictionary definition, procrastination is delaying or postponing something, something that requires some action from your side. As simple as that. To be shamelessly truthful, I do procrastinate, many a times, for many things. Call me lazy, but yes, some things require us to take an action in life, but we keep on postponing... Continue Reading →

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