It’s the time for Bold, Badass & Fearless women – 5 Tips that can help you be the one!

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Bold, Badass & Fearless women is the need of the hour. The “Good Girl” thing is already passé. The future lies in the hands of strong women, who dare to believe in their dreams!

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

– Unknown

Ever wondered how the world would be like, if every woman in the world is respected, the term “gender equality” is never used, and men and women both are responsible equally for the family they create. Sounds interesting right, but we are still far behind in reaching that stage.

I still call it a dreamland. Of course, that so called dreamland might have it’s own set of misunderstandings and issues. But the very basic term “Equality” will get meaning in it’s truest form.

Why we need women to be BOLD & FEARLESS these days?

The generation that I fall in, well, I like to call this generation as a “Confused Generation”. So you would think, why this term? Well, read on below to understand the change that happened from the previous generation and the confusions it created:

  • Change
    • We have empowered women. They are allowed to work now.
  • Confusions
    • We forgot to empower men. We forgot that a 9-to-5 working woman taking care of the house and family, needs her so-called better half to start being the real “Better-Half”.
    • Wait, women become mothers. But we forget that the better half also became a “Father“. For the child, it is the set of parents now. I don’t even need to mention who bears the final load of taking care of the baby for years. And if there are some men who want to bring the change, they are labelled as “Madly In Love” or a “Henpecked Husband“, sigh!
    • 9-to-5 workday jobs treat both men and women the same. They are called “Employees“. There is no gender difference at the workplace when it comes to work load. The mothers – have to balance all. The fathers? Well.
    • We are living in the 21st century, still there are people who believe women are good for kitchen only, men can’t do anything beyond office work and other out-of-home tasks (which sometimes women also do), and the worst part, such people call themselves “MODERN WITH VALUES“. I guess they forget that modernity comes with “CHANGE OF THINKING“.
    • The “Good Girls“, who cannot stand for themselves, or who fear explaining some straight-forward facts to the so-called “Modern People” are harassed everyday with so-called small small tasks which drain them physically and mentally.
woman sitting on the edge of a rock
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

But how do we see some women so successful in life? I will tell you about my observations of some women who I respect and believe that they brought the change. Here are my top 5 observations and tips!


They don’t hear wrong easily. They can speak up “FACTS” to anyone standing in front of them. And trust me, “SPEAKING UP” is a big thing! But it is not always feasible to speak for every wrong thing going on in the world, because we all know that right now, the world is in dire need of RECONSTRUCTION!

Specifically, the thoughts, the norms, the traditions, the racism, the discrimination, we just can’t fix it all. But, we can definitely speak up against any wrong done to us, anything that weighs us down because of the loose ends left by the age-old customs or the backward thinking, that might need fixing.


They are “FEARLESS”. If you want to stand up and say things against some out-of-date age-old tradition or norm, you need fear to be miles away from you. Else, you just won’t get the guts to say it.

They fear no one. Not even the people who bind you into the trap of fear created by age, by money, by status or by any other such relational factor. They know that one size fits all here, and the only fear you might need to have is the “Fear Of God”.


If the strong, bold and fearless women are able to stand up against wrong, it doesn’t mean they are ruthless. They are compassionate too. Well, that’s how they bind the family.

Loving the people in the family, taking care of them, having a kind heart for people in need is definitely there. But, at times, when a situation arises, they can definitely become indispensable warriors.


They stay away from small things, small talk and people with small thinking. They know that these are the things that drain most of the energy and time if you get into that mess. There are people who prefer to do nothing in life and small talks become a thing of their character. And the smart women know that avoiding such people is the best thing that they can do.

They have enough goals in life and so, less time to waste on the above. Time management is very important for them, and they definitely know that “If they don’t manage their time, someone else will start doing that!”.


“Respect” is non-negotiable. They respect everyone, but they also know that respect is not limited to age, gender or other biases. An elder person cannot demand respect from her, if they are busy disrespecting her.

So, for an example, even if a woman is not working or not in a regular 9-to-5 workday job, she knows that she is a part of a bigger picture called “Family”, and not just there to serve others in that picture. Respect does not need a bias, “Everyone has to respect everyone”, that’s that!

I won’t quote all the successful women to have a 9-to-5 workday job. If a woman is able to manage her time, take care of her family, along with pursuing her personal goals, but, most importantly, even if any of the above mentioned things are missing, but, still the woman knows how to stand up and speak up for herself, according to me that woman is definitely, “Empowered”.

In a nutshell, all I want to say is that it takes a second to get that courage, but once you have it, never lose it. Keep the fearless fire flaming in you always. There will still be unhappy people, age-old norms will be followed, still the world will not be a better place. But, trust me, your mind will be at peace to be a tiny speck in the universe which helped in bringing the bigger change.

Adios Amigos

PS – Header Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

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