Make each day count!!

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Have you ever noticed that a child never waits for the weekend? For a child, every day is a new day, full of curiosities, experiments, happiness, and doing things that (s)he loves. So, keeping this in mind, let’s welcome another year, 2020, with the kindness, naughtiness and energy of a child. Sometimes I feel it is really boring to grow into an adult, who is thinking, in reality, thinking very hard, about the future, forgetting the beautiful memories that (s)he can create during this journey called life.

Doing what you love, needs to be a part of the daily routine, not just the weekends. This is the thing that makes us look forward to the weekends because many of us feel that the week is only reserved for work. A lot of you may say, it’s impossible, there is no time or energy left to do anything else after the hard day. But I must say, if there is even one thing you can plan to do before the end of each day, even if you take out half an hour in a day, it will be worth it. Doing what you love each day will never be a task, but rather a moment of fulfillment. It will never be looking forward to the weekend then, you’ll learn to celebrate each day, with open arms and the joy of a child.

Few tips to look forward to the me-time each day:

  1. Do not plan a heavy task/hobby every day. The things which are going to take more than an hour, plan them for the weekend. Make a list of simple things which you might have thought of doing, but kept postponing every time. It can be as simple as reading some book or writing a blog, cooking some dish or baking a dessert, or it can be anything which you would love to do at home, be it cleaning a corner, or reorganizing any part of your home, or some hobby ideas like dancing, painting, knitting, pottery, singing, the list is endless.
  2. Make a journal with your me-time-to-do’s for the week, over the weekend. Planners definitely help, a lot. I am very bad at doing things at last minute, so I like to plan, to look forward to the week positively. It can be a simple list on paper/notepad, or you can use a planner (notebook) or some app which provides you with features of adding the details of your favorite things planned. The important point is to journal it, so that you don’t waste your time and energy on thinking about things at the time when you should actually be doing them. Mostly we end up not doing anything in that case. So, its good to plan well ahead in time. No need to assign days/times, but just have a list of your favorite things ready beforehand.
  3. Don’t do things which feel like a task. If your planned things during the week are adding more stress to the already stressed up weekdays, stop doing that. You might need to rethink about the rejuvenation activities. Remember, these things are supposed to make you happy and joyful, not the other way around.
  4. If you are not able to think about the things you love, don’t give up. It’s going to add to your own happiness, so identifying what are those things would need time and patience. Keep at it. You’ll get a good list in few days.
  5. The things that you would love to do should not add to your expenses. If you need to invest a lot of money in that, think again. You need to de-stress yourself with these activities, not add to your cash outflow, and then stress, so invest in these activities wisely. Investing a minimal amount is fine, but make sure they don’t shake your monthly budget.

Hope these points help in looking forward to each day with a positive attitude and happy mind. 2020, for me, is a year of action. Towards a better life, a real life. Where living is not merely limited to doing something “for a living”, but rather, doing something “to live a life of contentment” each day. Make every day count. Till then.

Adios Amigos

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  1. I like these tips for a positive outlook in 2020. Me time is what we should definitely carve out time for!

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